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The Realizing Results team is comprised of industry experienced software, operations research, and system engineers as well as program managers who are all well known in the signals intelligence (SIGINT) and military community. We are a service orientated company that creates lasting relationships with our clients. We leverage our capabilities to assist clients in realizing results for their complex decisions.

Modeling & Simulation

Realizing Results has over 10 years of experience building, executing, and implementing modeling & simulation results. A large benefit of using modeling and simulation is that it is often much cheaper to build models to test different configurations of large systems before deploying those systems.

  • Simulation allows for tradeoffs of design and engineering decisions to conduct decision analysis , forecasting, business process improvement, and cost benefit analysis
  • Simulation allows for strategy analysis for “what if” scenarios and can save money to test ideas before implementing them
  • Simulations can be run in many different software packages to include Excel with VBA or in a discrete event simulation software like Arena
  • Typical Modeling and Simulation approach
    • Formulate the problem and plan the study
    • Collect Data and define a model
    • Determine if the model is valid
    • Construct a computer program and verify it is running correctly
    • Make pilot runs
    • Design experiments for system configurations of interest
    • Make Production runs
    • Analyze output data
    • Document, present, and use results

Cyber Operations

With the increased focus on cyber offensive and defensive capabilities Realizing Results is prepared to help clients with the challenge of measuring the success of operational cyber plans when they are executed.

  • Design of metrics and assessment criteria for alerting and tracking of cyber operations
  • Development of Intelligence assessments and planning for cyber operations
  • Creation of graphical and statistical analysis of cyber metrics
  • Cyber operations development using Joint Operation Planning and Execution System (JOPES) and the Joint Operation Planning Process (JOPP)

Joint Operation Planning and Execution System (JOPES) and the Joint Operation Planning Process (JOPP)

Realizing Results leverages its military experience and capabilities to assist military clients with their JOPES and JOPP activities. We leverage our military experience and training to assist clients

  • Design assessment criteria for OPLANs to analytically measure proposed courses of action (COAs)
  • Development of measures of performance (MOPs) for tactical planning
  • Create measures of effectiveness (MOEs) to support strategic and operational mission accomplishment
  • Identify, assess, and estimate the enemy’s centers of gravity (COG(s)), critical factors, capabilities, limitations, intentions, and COAs
  • Assist with COA analysis, wargaming, and comparison

Decision Support & Optimization through Operations Research

Realizing Results assists clients in making decisions with limited resources and moving towards optimal solutions while still meeting necessary fiscal, material, or political constraints.

  • Using the latest mathematical techniques like linear programming, non-linear programming, and integer programming we can optimize a clients decision making process even though their decisions are constrained by many factors
  • We can use decision trees based on statistical analysis to create probabilities to assist clients in their decision making process
  • Genetic and learning algorithms are another way we can assist clients with making decisions
  • Mathematical modeling and programming can assist in creating a manageable solution space for decision makers

Strategy Facilitation

Realizing Results facilitates strategy development for clients by helping them determine what their objectives (ends), advantage (means), and scope (domain) are for government, nonprofit, and for profit organizations.

Knowledge Management

Realizing Results will help clients create a competitive advantage through a learning organization by implementing knowledge management practices in organizations. We will create a learning organization that gets ahead and stays ahead.

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To contact us please feel free to email us at [email protected].

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