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Realizing Results

Realizing Results is a veteran owned small business (VOSB). We serve defense clients in Central Maryland with consulting services solving technical problems. We provide highly educated staff to conduct analysis that assists clients in making complex decisions.

We are a service oriented company that creates lasting relationships with our clients while assisting them in realizing results for their complex decisions. Clients achieve results directly related to their mission.

We focus on three areas of business that we provide capabilities for:

  1. Cloud Engineering
  2. Data Scientists
  3. Cyber Operations

Realizing Results provides the ability to not just understand offensive and defensive cyber data based on our experience in the DoD, but how to fuse cyber data together to make better decisions, policy, and advise executives how to better mitigate cyber risks in the future.  It is difficult to understand and make sense of cyber information because of the vast amount of data that exists from so many sources.  Realizing Results (Data Scientists) can bring structure to formless data, develop analytics, develop models, develop metrics, assist in complex decision making, and has a business understanding of the objectives that the DoD is attempting to achieve in defensive cyber operations.  Our intense curiosity and understanding of cloud engineering (how data is organized in the cloud (HDFS) and help organize it in the cloud) allows us to employ the scientific method and apply data-discovery tools to find new insights in the data.  We formulate hypothesis’s, test them, and apply our knowledge of statistics to discovery indicators or warnings for cyber defense.  We communicate our findings in affective manner to executives and decision makers to meet mission needs.

(Cyber Operations) The ability to understand cyber information and utilize it in operations, (Cloud Engineering) understand how to organize data to make discoveries, and (Data Scientists) discover or fuse the data together to make decisions are individually three very hard things to accomplish.  We at Realizing Results are able to do all three previously described activities in an affective manner to allow executives and managers to begin realizing results for their mission and that is our sweet spot.

We provide the following capabilities to our clients:

  • Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) Administration and Engineering
  • HDFS Ecosystem Implementation
  • Machine Learning
  • Software Development
  • Streaming Analytics
  • Performance Analytics
  • NoSQL solutions
  • Database Engineering
  • Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Modeling & Simulation
  • Analytical Forecasting
  • Resource Optimization
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Strategy Facilitation
  • Data Visualization
  • Knowledge Management
  • Decision Analysis


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